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1. MORE USABLE SPACE: Because of the lofted ceiling, doors can be moved higher giving more useable space. Walls can be lowered bringing down costs.

2. MORE APPEALING INTERIOR: Because of the DANDI SYSTEM the 'bird-nest appearance of conventional trusses is eliminated.

3. EASY TO ERECT: Because DANDI buildings are pre-cut, they are easier to erect, cutting down construction costs. Ideal package for the Do-it-yourselfer.

4. EASY TO INSULATE: The DANDI system is designed for R19 insulation.

5. EASY TO LINE: The DANDI system was designed with an interior that is ready to finish.

6. LOWER PROFILE / BETTER APPEARANCE: Because walls are usually lower, the outside appearance of a DANDI is more eye appealing.

7. DOORS & WINDOWS can be easily installed.

8. GABLE & EAVE OVER-HANGS can be easily installed.

9. TRANSPORTATION IS CUT: Buildings are easily packaged.

The Ultimate in Design Efficiency and Flexibilty Tailored inside and out to your specifications.

DANDI roll forms metal and sells metal, trim, & insulation wholesale!

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