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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a concrete slab upon which to install the DANDI SYSTEM building?
A slab is not required. The DANDI SYSTEM Building may bolt to piers, a retaining wall or blocks.

How will I know where to install anchor bolts for my foundation?
DANDI SYSTEM will provide a “bolt pattern”

What kind of metal does DANDI SYSTEM use?
DANDI SYSTEM rolls 29 gauge #1 metal which carries a 40 year warranty. Many “cut rate” building use unpainted or #2 metal.

Is there an additional charge for different colors of metal?

How difficult is it to erect a DANDI SYSTEM building?
Roof purlins and wall girts are pre-cut and fit into spaces in massive glulam beams and columns. Headers, jambs, overhangs, etc. are ready made for installation.
Since a DANDI SYSTEM building features a “brace-to-brace” construction method it “braces itself” during erection. No need for all the “x-bracing” in the corners (as in pole barns).

What options are available for my building?
One may choose to add insulation, overhangs, a liner, cupolas, wainscoting, various doors, windows, gutters, etc.

Who acquires the permits?
The customer is responsible for obtaining all local permits. When required, DANDI SYSTEM can provide stamped blueprints for a fee.

May I pick up my building to save the shipping fee?
Yes. All materials picked up on site are subject to KY. Sales tax

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